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Action is a way to make meetings less sucky.

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EDIT: We wrote a blog post about our experience as students on PH and the mistakes we made along the way. Take a look! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Huge thank you to Jack Smith for hunting us! Adhiv, Matthew, and I are involved in school and community organizations and have faced a number of problems during our meetings. We tried external meeting management apps but found transitioning entire teams to a new platform very time-consuming. That’s why we built Action for Docs. Action is a task manager that integrates directly with Google Docs. As you take notes during the meeting, you can use keyboard shortcuts to assign action items and deadlines without interrupting your work flow. Afterwards, Action will send each of your team members his/her individual action items. You can also export the entire team’s task list to a Google Spreadsheet for future reference. Right now Action is only compatible with Google Docs. We are looking into other integrations but want to make sure we get the core functionality right (or wrong? let us know!) first. Honest feedback will be cherished :) ~Adhiv Dhar (Designer), Matthew Sotoudeh (Developer), and William Shan (Hustler)
@willshan @_willshan Great work with Action :)
Great idea! We end up transferring our meeting follow-ups to Asana. It would be pretty sweet if Action could also trigger an Asana task when it creates its tasks.
@pteall Thanks for the suggestion :) We've added Asana to our future integrations list. Currently the list is looking a little sparse with only Trello, Asana, Slack, and Google Calendar. Are there any other integrations you would like to see?
@_willshan waiting for you to add all those! Still, looks pretty good with Google Docs. Nice work!
@rutgerteunissen @pteall Thanks! We appreciate it, & will try to get the integrations ASAP :)
As much as I'm not a fan of Basecamp (because I love Asana) one of my clients swears by it, so I'd add BC to the list.@_willshan @pteall
@krysfree @pteall Thanks for the suggestion! I've heard quite a bit about Basecamp, and we'll definitely look into supporting it soon (seems like they're very open to 3rd party addons!)
Very solid product that I've been using with many of my club and work meetings for the past 3 months. Definitely helps keep both me and my colleagues more accountable to the tasks we have from one meeting to the next. Would love to see this product being integrated with more platforms in the future, perhaps Google Calendar and Slack, to further intertwine it with people's typical workflow. As always, can't wait to see where you guys take it.
This looks like a cool tool for generating action items from meetings, to help you keep track of follow-up items.
We use slack for our #meetingnotes. Put in decisions, tasks and upload whiteboard images. I ll check it out. (My vote would therefore go towards a slack integration. ;)
@rexromanum Got you :) We're big fans of slack too, so slack integration is going to be one of the first things we look into. We're actually discussing integrations right now in our own #action channel ;)
@_willshan Just a few ideas and fruit for thought. I was actually thinking about a meeting notes idea a while ago. Basically creating action items directly from a meeting. What Slack misses is a good follow up and reminder feature. e.g. /action @name design enter screen by Friday ; /action @name follow up on Investorname by next Monday. ; /decision we increase Facebook adds to $x per week. So much cool stuff that could happen around that. Nice reporting, follow up and so much more. Love the possibilities you guys have. Revolutionize meetingnotes and aim to bring it to the next level.
@rexromanum Great ideas Roman :) We'll definitely look into not only reporting tasks to slack but also creating tasks/reminders from slack. A question to you and your team: would a task manager just within Slack suffice, or do you see a need for an external service that manages tasks from across all your different integrations? Does your team use anything else besides Slack for meeting/task management?
@_willshan In meetings we just use slack, personal notes and whiteboard. Later we transfer work of some tasks to Basecamp, Trello, Assembla etc. As for now (without further thinking) I think I would prefer everything in slack but maybe overviews on a separate site. Automatically creating minutes. Do I need to integrate the decision directly to e.g. Trello?? I dont think that is necessary. That will be done in follow up work. For me the most important thing is communicating/remembering decisions and creating action items during the meetings. If I get a nice overview of decisions and action items with reminders. That would be my starting point. What I personally don't like (especially in a small team) is what you show in the video. The typical minutes style.
@rexromanum I understand your focus now. We'll definitely start with the essentials when starting on the integrations. We used the typical minutes style just to illustrate a point, we hope users will end up using Action in whatever way it best fits into their workflow. Thank you for reaching out to us :)