Minimalist and hassle-free activities tracker

Actio is a hassle-free and minimalist activities tracker. You simply add any timed activity and Actio takes care of reminding you when it is due and helps you become more productive.
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Hello Product Hunters πŸ‘‹, I have been working on Actio for a few months, and now I can proudly announce that it has been launched! πŸš€ Actio was born from the need of a simple and clean app which can help me track my daily activities and make me less of a procrastinator. You decide in which days, at which time and for how long your activities should be, and Actio takes care of reminding you when you should leave everything aside and take some time for yourself. At its core, Actio was based on the concept of weekly goals. Every week, your current progress for each activity is set to 0, and for each day where you successfully complete your activity, the progress increases by 1. There are also weekly and monthly statistics so you can have a better overview of your progress. The app leverages a clean and minimalist design, that is straightforward to use and won't distract you from your main goal - being more productive. You can also choose between light and dark mode, depending on your preference. There are some cool animations and transitions like swipe down to reveal the Activity Finder screen, just try it for yourself πŸ™Œ I hope you like Actio and I'm here to answer any questions you may have! Andi
Love the idea, was just looking for something similar, simple and clean. The design is really awesome. Too many productivity apps focus on unnecessary details and distract you from the main objective - being productive. Good luck!
Nice concept and really exquisite design. Are there any plans for an Android version too? Would love to use that!
@katinka_toth Thank you for your feedback! Yes, there will most likely be an Android version as well.