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#5 Product of the DayMay 21, 2020
Acho is a place where your data can be compiled, engineered and shared within your team without coding. In minutes, you can transform data resources into your own assets with point-and-click interface and tools such as annotations, worklog & visualizations.
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🌟Hi Product Hunt, this is Vincent from Acho. It's very exciting to launch Acho here on PH. My cofounder Chen and I conceived this idea about post-processing data feeds without extensive amount of data engineering from serving to many of our customers. I hope that acho is useful for your coolest projects. If you are a 1. 🚀startup founder, we can really help you cut the costs for data engineering by automating many of the processes in your data pipeline. 2. 📊data worker at any company, we can help you make your work much easier with our database actions. From join, merge to conditional group by, you can do them all in a few clicks rather than writing lengthy queries. 3. ✈️consultant, we can help you make things connect. Whether it be an App, DB or spreadsheets, we can turn them to a dynamic spreadsheet that you can make changes, built charts and send data from. If none of the above describes what you have in mind, drop me an email and tell us what we should build for you. We have some seriously talented engineers on the team that should solve many of the data-related challenges that you may have. email: twitter: @team_acho linkedin:
I don't understand the pricing at all. It's $0/mo with a 14 day free trial.
@arun_pattnaik Hi Arun, we will provide detailed pricing during your free trial
@arun_pattnaik @vincent_jiang You have to share full pricing before trial. I won't waste my email on something if I don't know what it will cost the company. I could be walking into a 100,000 a month software tool. Why waste even 30 seconds on that.
pretty cool, what databases do you guys support?
@ryan_melikian Hi Raul, we support all SQL DBs and csvs at the moment. We're building more integrations everyday. Let us know what you need!
@vincent_jiang cool, i just signed up