Find local professionals for for pretty much anything

AceBy is a mobile app that matches customers with local professionals for any freelance work-related needs. Get bids, read reviews, message the expert, hire your favorite and choose how you pay right from the app. Currently, AceBy lists 200 types of service categories and insures your projects with guaranteed $1 million service liability protection

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Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
This is cool, like Upwork mixed with Gumtree -- did this come about as you noticed people have a preference to hire local for projects? I've hired remote people in the past for odd jobs but see the appeal of being able to meet face to face @derrickagyiri
Derrick Agyiri
Derrick AgyiriMaker@derrickagyiri · COO @ AceBy Inc.
@abadesi Yes ! i looked at people using Upwork , and other platform and i noticed a couple of things was missing. - Ability to meet in-person - Ability to push a single button to get a job out for people to bid - Encourage local job seeker - Helping freelancers and clients get references to their past project/jobs in case they move to other countries for work - Clear fee structure and simple way to pay and get paid. You can try our app and see how awesome it is. Android build will catch up with iOS build by next week :)
Lee Qixian
Lee Qixian@swiftpolar · Full-stack Developer
When will Singapore be supported? I can't get pass the phone number verification.
Derrick Agyiri
Derrick AgyiriMaker@derrickagyiri · COO @ AceBy Inc.
@swiftpolar Hi Lee, Thanks for your message . We plan on rolling out to Singapore in 4 weeks . April 27th 2018 to be precise .!!! Thank you
Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @derrickagyiri, What locations have had the most success using your app?
Derrick Agyiri
Derrick AgyiriMaker@derrickagyiri · COO @ AceBy Inc.
@jacqvon Canada, USA, UK and India :)
Sanjana Joshi
Sanjana Joshi@sanjana_joshi · Freelance Story Writer
Don't see a lot of local official posts here, it's more like a test product released to the public in India. Seems kinda odd to be using this platform