Free App for Co-Founder Equity Splitting

Hi I'm Chris, Founder of Accumi. So excited to have Accumi here on Product Hunt! If you have any questions about the app please leave a comment here. Thanks!
Why is founder's hourly rate taken into consideration? If you're all working on the same startup, shouldn't it be the same?
@AnujAdhiya I thought that was a bid odd as well. Maybe that was built for a part-time founder or someone who was doing a set amount of contribution per month for equity? I was a bit confused by that.
@AnujAdhiya Good question. Sometimes there are founders who do not come with equal levels of experience. Imagine Seth Godin starting a side project with someone right out of college. In this case, Seth Godin's time should be weighed more heavily than the college grad. You can always leave the hourly rate equal for founders that have similar backgrounds. Thanks for the feedback!
@accumi2 What if I'm a genius college grad and I make something 10X faster than Seth Godin, should he gets more equity than me because he's famous and has more experience (mostly because he is older)?
@syswarren Thanks for your question Julie. Your productivity level should definitely be taken into account -- that is the point of the hourly rate. If you are 10X more productive than your cofounder, your rate should be 10X that of your cofounder, regardless of who it is or how famous. The goal is to take ambiguity out of equity splits and base the split on data instead of on gut feel, intuition, or negotiating skills. The fairest way to set the hourly rate is to base it on what you would be making elsewhere.
Just my personal opinion, but I think that using something like this isn't the right way to go to determine co-founder equity splits in startups. I think it could even be a bit dangerous in the long-run. This could maybe be useful for smaller projects though, but I would be wary of using it in a startup environment.
@_jacksmith Hi Jack. Good points. I agree that Accumi is not for everyone. In cases where everyone is working full time on the startup and it is easy to predict levels of contribution, then a system like Accumi would be overkill. But there are a lot of people out there who are working day jobs and trying to get their side project off the ground. For these people, Accumi turns equity into a real-time incentive. It turns equity into something that can be given out in small chunks, like giving out cash. Early adopters of Accumi are finding that getting a bump in equity after closing a task is fun and engaging. It makes you want to move on to the next task. For founders who are having a hard time recruiting or getting co-founders to engage in their project vs. other commitments, this can be very powerful.
Accumi helps startups track how much each founder has contributed and keeps the equity split in-sync with the data.
What if I'm the person to commit a large library or bunch of dependencies? Do I get credit for that?
@sw1tch Hi Ian-- I'm not sure I understand your question. Accumi is not integrated with a source control system. Can you clarify what you mean?