Dead simple user account system so easy a cow could do it 🐮

#3 Product of the DayMarch 31, 2019
The goal of Accownt is to be a full-featured, standalone account system that's straightforward for developers and users, easy to maintain, and as customizable as possible without introducing too much complexity.
It's 100% free and open source.
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I've built a lot of projects with a lot of account systems. I hated all of them. So over the past four or five years I've been building my own. This is its latest version. It is as simple and minimalist as possible. Its features include: - Email + password login - Passwordless login via links sent to email - Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) - Email verification - Account recovery - No dependencies other than Node and what npm will install - No database needed - Standalone server and web client - reCAPTCHA v2 support - JSON Web Tokens (JWT) - Easy theming
@mrxyfir Any chance you will add an „IP based login“ feature? And a „team account“ (an acoount with a specific number of seats - single Logins - managed by a team admin) feature would make it an extraordinary product! Basically I am looking for an alternative to but without payment processing and less expensive...
@timo Could you elaborate more on what exactly you mean by IP-based login? Team accounts may be supported in the future.
@mrxyfir IP Based Login allows you to directly login from an allowed IP. So if you want to allow someone to login but you do not want to share the login details just add their IP ( Choose the username accessible when accessed by the IP existing in provided range).
@mrxyfir Great work, I'm in the process of working on an auth element myself right now. I just wanted to mention Paseto as an alternative/addition to JWT because it is more secure and might be not too hard to integrate:
@nuggety Thanks for sharing, I'd never heard of it. I'll keep an eye on it. Due to how Accownt works it would require the applications that utilize it to also switch from JWTs to Paseto, so maybe in a future breaking-change update.
"So simple a cow could use it" 😂
Lol great name 🐮

This is a really quick solution for products that need to be shipped quickly. Time-saving


How simple and quick it is...also very practical!



Would be great to also add phone number based login that uses sms. Tenants could provide their own twilio sms api Keys.
@trevin Definitely. I'd like to add this in the future.