Accordium Engage

Get up to 32% more revenue with personalised sales videos 📹🤑

Accordium Engage helps salespeople connect with with prospects, build engagement and sell more by integrating personalized sales videos to your proposals. Through videos, you can gain a competitive advantage, and will be able to easily convey key information to all stakeholders in the decision making process.

Michael Flarup
Thomas Knappitsch
Daniel Richardson
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    Easy to use to send good looking docs!


    No multidocs or Teams but we understand on the way very soon.

    We have great hopes that Accordium is going to replace our aging Panadoc system we have used for years and happy to provide any feedback we can.

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Hey Product Hunt! Thankyou @flarup for the hunt, its great to be back! Daniel here, I'm one of the co-founders of Accordium, hopefully, we can answer all your questions and comments about what we do and why we do it. Accordium Engage is a new product that we think will be a gamechanger for sales. It’s a tool that allows salespeople to stand out from the crowd, build better relationships and close more deals through the power of personalized sales videos. Not long ago, we realized that adding videos throughout our sales workflows, had a hugely positive impact on our customer decision-making process. So what started as an internal tool for us to sell the Accordium solution, worked so well, and got us so many deals we wanted to share this wonderful product with the world! Accordium Engage seamlessly plugs into our existing cloud-based sales automation and e-signature tool - helping sales teams to shorten their sales cycles, close more deals and finally stop wasting time on slow manual processes and paperwork. It’s available for you to try now worldwide - just have to signup for it here: We love the Product Hunt Community, so we're giving a 50% discount + 1 month free to all ProductHunt members - just write to me on I would love your feedback and comments on what we have built so far! Thanks!!
@flarup @accordium @danielrson Hi Daniel, The product seems interesting. And I can see some synergies with Few thoughts if you are planning to do sales : a) Target recently funded SaaS companies. These companies are going to expand their sales and might need your solution. b) Target companies hiring for corporate sales, B2B sales, enterprise sales. Since they are already hiring for this role, it means they are willing to grow their sales. Hence will make sense for them to use Accordium.
@shreyaa_ratra some great insights here, Thanks Shreyaa 😄 I just checked out what you're doing over at Easyleadz, really cool tool!
@danielrson Do let me know if you need help in reaching out to above companies through EasyLeadz.
Can't wait to get your feedback!
Thanks for hunting us @flarup !! Excited to hear the community's thoughts! :)
Super user friendly product, so excited about what is yet to come!
@johanna_zittmayr Thanks Johanna! We worked really hard to make sure Accordium is one of the easiest and most intuitive sales tools around - lots more to come as well!