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#5 Product of the DayOctober 16, 2019
Developed at MIT, Acciyo is a Google Chrome Extension that uses NLP to populate a timeline of previous articles published on the news subject you’re currently reading, kind of like the previous "chapters" of a news story.
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Hey Product Hunt! Anum here, one of the co-founders of Acciyo along with the true maker @diepv. We started Acciyo out of a shared mission to make news easier to understand, something rooted in our former lives as journalists and future of news researchers. Living in a 24-hour news cycle has led to more content being published than we can ever consume, and while there are a plethora of news summaries and newsletters that help you get the gist of the story … if you haven’t been following that topic, it’s nearly impossible to process the information beyond a surface-level understanding. Our design research showed just how many of us end up down these rabbit holes of tab hell trying to piece together the historical knowledge needed. So, we took on the technical challenge of using NLP to provide you with that context automatically. Acciyo is a browser plugin that, upon landing on a news article, populates a timeline of articles previously published the topic you’re currently reading. Now, no matter when a topic becomes headline news, you can go back in time to understand how the narrative has unfolded over time and be an actually informed citizen. While we’re still in private beta, we’re excited to share this beta first with the Product Hunt community. Feel free to reach out or drop us a comment below on any thoughts, feedback, or questions. Anum P.S. Yes, the name is derived from “accio,” the Latin word, and more importantly the Harry Potter spell, that means “to summon.” We like to think it involves a bit of magic ✨
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In the increasingly fast paced news cycle and fragmented media world, this is really helpful to figure out the true context of news.
@mvolpe Our thoughts exactly. Getting to that context is more difficult than ever, but we hope to surface it for you quickly.
I’m really happy about the effectiveness and efficiency of this groundbreaking product.
@luke_joseph Thank you so much for the kind words, Luke.
Love this. I’ve little time to catch up on what’s happening in the news, but I get real FOMO if I don’t. This will make things way easier!
@jessicameher Thanks for sharing Jess! It’s truly overwhelming - especially when you’re trying to catch up on a topic you’re behind on.
Acciyo has been a game changer for how I consume news -- their chrome extension has allowed me to get up to speed on a developing news story more quickly and cut through the noise. Congrats to @anum and @diepv on the launch!
@diepv @imchauncey Thank you for believing in us and supporting us along the journey, Chauncey!