This tool shows you how ADA compliant your colors are in relation to each other. By adding your brand’s colors on the right, you can generate a chart to see how they can be used together for accessibility, and find similar colors that work better.
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It's really good to see more people making design tools that make it easier to design for accessibility
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Simple, useful tool for designers. Also check out this app from Lyft.
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I'm confused what DNP is for
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@ruxi_ang1 DNP, means DO NOT PASS, which means it doesn't pass the ADA laws with regards to contrast
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Awesome tool, I'd suggest one thing, on the compliance level, I'd like to understand how the levels works, or a tooltip about what the numbers mean, I got like AAA (7+) AA (4.5+) AA18 (3+)... Honestly, I have no idea what is that.
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Wonderful tool to assist your projects and businesses be more accessible.


Easy to use, easy to understand


None yet. If I have to have a con, I would say the compliance numbers aren't explained. Though, they are easy to look up.

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