Absolut Hangsmart

World's first device to mount, position, and adjust any art.

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When I hang art, I usually only need to do it once. Sure it takes a little bit of time, planning, math, etc. but I wouldn't consider it an extremely arduous task. In fact, I usually enjoy it and appreciate the work I put into hanging it just the way I want it. If you run an art gallery this would probably be an amazing product for you but for everyone else, at an MSRP of $50+ for one of these, I would rather stick to my nails and hammer.
I got an IKEA mirror that needed two pins to hang. I then took the wellpapp it came with and put two pins exactly in the holes in the mirror, then put the wellpapp on the wall. When removing the wellpapp I had the mirror exactly where I wanted it.
Very cool idea. Hang photos and art can be a real pain to get the positioning right, but $20 compared to a nail, or an anchor and a screw, is a bit steep.