Product Managers from Facebook, Uber (+ 4 others) wrote a satire educational children's book about PM.
Follow Product Manager Panther as she develops an MVP. Goes over analytics with Data Science Dolphin, while keeping VP Viper happy.
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This started off as a joke... all of my friends were having kids and I wanted to get them something unique. Many were getting children's science books, and I thought why not create a series for Business and Product? I created a couple of fake book covers and sent it to a few friends. My friends loved - they kept asking me for the Amazon link. Eventually I told them I made up the books, but that we should write it... a few weeks later we had a format, an illustrator, and were arguing about how to display character genders? How do you draw a female dolphin? The ABCs of Product Management is our most requested book! People get it for their kids, and as gifts for new coworkers and team members :). Several companies have bought it as new hire gifts. The book is more than definitions :) We poke a little fun at PMs, Engineers, VPs, Data Scientists... really anyone. And the PM "profession"... if you can call it that. This book was written by 16 PMs. Insert how many PMs does it take joke 🤓. This is a lot of fun. We're working on a couple of other books (Medicine) as well! The books are self published on Amazon. Love to hear what you think!
@varun_bhartia this was a super fun book to write, and my kids enjoy it, even though they mostly focused on the cute animal drawings :)
@varun_bhartia amazing! upvoted! This book makes me want to have a kid...and become a product manager.
This is great Varun! I already have the ABCs for PMs and am reading it with my kids
Never too early to teach the youths about XFN stakeholders.
Hilarious present for someone who's in product
@philstrazzulla you might enjoy it too :)
As a PM, I’ve always struggled how to describe what I do to my kids. So this is great!!
@gemmy_tsai lol - glad they love it!