Abacus for Slack

Approve expenses to reimburse your team, inside Slack

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Hey everyone, awesome to finally see Slack's message buttons in the wild! I've always been particularly excited about the prospect of initiating all sorts of payments from Slack - this is Abacus' contribution to that end. Most surprising stat (that perhaps shouldn't have been) that came out of our initial customer research was that 70% of our customer base was already on Slack, and so it was only natural that we bring some of the most powerful features of Abacus into the platform. Hopefully, we can get Prashanth and Ted in here to answer more questions on the design and engineering behind the project.
Simple & Useful
I would prefer to not pay for another user. And to have a channel based bot just for notifications
@toobulkeh There would be no additional charge to interact with the abacus bot