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The impact of the war on drugs is coming home. Men and women who have spent decades in prison are being released into an iPhone-enabled world that they hardly recognize. Shaka Senghor, the author of “Writing My Wrongs: Life, Death, and Redemption in an American Prison,” is one of those people. Imprisoned at age 19 for second-degree murder, Senghor was released almost two decades later in 2010. “It was like Fred Flintstone walking into an episode of the Jetsons,” Senghor tells Ben Horowitz on this segment of the podcast. “And we haven’t done anything about it,” Senghor says. “We haven’t had the courage to just stop for a moment and ask -- what does that look like from the perspective of someone coming out from the other side? Because when you really look at it, you realize they don’t stand a chance in hell of surviving.’’
Loved this Ep as much as the China one previously. Poignant take away is...if prisoners are continuously reared in a barbaric environment, how will they adapt to the outside world? p.s. Germany are smart