a16z Podcast - I reject the term viral video

YouTube star, Casey Neistat, on how he grew his audience

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@caseyneistat is one of the pioneers in Internet-friendly video. Each of his YouTube vlogs (which are published daily 😱) get ~1M video views. Lately I've been watching more of them. Great interview with @baileyelaine.
@rrhoover @caseyneistat @baileyelaine Also, one of the pioneers in No-Bullshit-On-The-Internet philosophy :)
@rrhoover @caseyneistat @baileyelaine I love his idgaf aesthetic (drilling into electronics, terrible engravings on all of his expensive things, using piping as table legs, camera falling all the time, etc). half of me wants to copy it and the other half feels ashamed because his whole message is about creating your own aesthetic.
Cool insights :)
Currently listening to it. There are lots of great insights by Casey Neistat. You should listen to this episode.
@caseyneistat thanks man. Such a great inspiración to start creating meaningful content. :)