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dimitar inchev
Team Coworkies & StartupBerlin.co
Unfortunately there are few good podcasts out there that focus on the the topic of "Future of Work". It was great to hear this conversation between Arun Sundararajan and Sonal Chokshi from a16z. On point observations, great outline of the times to come and the challenges to be faced by the working people. Also quite on point observations about the platforms facilitating the freelance shift and how this should be reflected from regulatory perspective. #crowd-based-capitalism #darwinism #sharingeconomy #gigeconomy The podcast talk is largely based on the new book by Arun Sundararajan: https://www.amazon.com/Sharing-E...
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TJ MorganJust trying to create alchemy
There is still so much to come within this 'economy'. Bidvine.com due to play a big part