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Juho Makkonen
Juho MakkonenHunter@kusti · CEO, Sharetribe
Our practical guide for building an online marketplace is now out! It's currently a series of blog posts that might later be turned also to a book form. It's designed for anyone considering of starting their own online marketplace business or currently building one. Let us know if you have any thoughts or questions on it, we're happy to answer!
Michael Novotny
Michael Novotny@michaeljnovotny · Making Product for Kickstarter
@kusti I've had the chance to read a several of these posts and can honestly say that have been all high quality valuable reads. Every article I had key takeaways that are very relevant. I'm currently executing on a marketplace now and these gave me much confidence and assurance to fall back on as I came across decisions and areas outside my experience. quick question for you Juho, I'm assuming this a compilation of all posts wrapped up into one guide? Because a book format is something I would pay money for.
Juho Makkonen
Juho MakkonenHunter@kusti · CEO, Sharetribe
@michaeljnovotny thanks for your kind words! The link leads to a page where we've collected all the 16 articles that make up the guide. In the future we might also turn it into an e-book or even a paperback, let's see.