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I've been using this for a bit and Rebecca is great at curating awesome bites of information that I can learn more about. SMS is the perfect platform for it.
Thanks @kevinz ! Glad you're liking the service :)
I've also been using Purple for the past month or so. Rebecca is an awesome curator and she's really passionate about what Purple can do to spread valuable information. I think the formats awesome and she will continue to grow the audience with her enthusiasm.
@amellin94 thanks so much for the kind words!
they've tapped into a convienent way to get political information however I find the content to be incredibly biased toward Clinton supporters. No reporting on The purge of voters in NYC, blatent corruption in Nevada, ongoing FBI investigation of Hillary.
@mkap21 Thanks for the positive feedback Matt!
Would love to know where the information comes from that powers this... is it credible?
Hey @bentossell ! Great question. Right now it's all written and curated by yours truly. My background is in journalism, and I've always been a huge politics nerd. So my friends usually just come to me and ask me to explain this stuff to them. We figured why not build something to do this in a more scalable way! And that's why we built Purple :)
@rebeccajharris cool so is it limited to your knowledge base at the moment? (guessing in politics?)
@bentossell We’re focusing on covering the election for now but have some exciting things in the works for our next verticals after that later this year!
Hey guys! This is Rebecca the CEO and co-founder of Purple. So happy to share our product with y'all, thanks for hunting us :) I would love to answer any questions you guys might have so feel free to write them here or text them to us on Purple!