In response to the extraordinary spread of COVID-19 A Kids Book About created a free eBook as a resource to help kids and grownups everywhere learn more about COVID-19.
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These are unprecedented times. As I watched the world changing around me on a daily basis, I had no idea what to say to my kids about it. My hope in creating this book is to help grownups (parents, teachers, aunties, uncles, etc.) everywhere have constructive conversations with kiddos. We partnered with Malia Jones, a social epidemiologist, to make the book. She works in a university setting studying how infectious diseases spread in human populations, which means she knows a thing or two. This isn't a limited time free thing... this is an always free thing. And, as the world continues to change, we'll make changes to the book to keep it up to date.
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We have two other books in this series (AKBA Feminism/AKBA Racism) and they are fantastic. I read them with an elementary age child and even a younger high schooler - and both listened the whole time. They sparked great discussion/compassion/empathy. REALLY excited about this free (FREE!) COVID-19 book. Brilliant. Thank you.
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I think it will be interesting for you to find out more at this educational platform, thanks to which thousands of people will learn a lot of useful information every day.