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The guys over at Paddle made it. I just had a thorough skim over it and I'm impressed how compact and useful it is. Totally gonna use it for the Amazemeet app when we go mobile. Thanks, Paddle team! :)
Thanks so much for sharing @v4violetta! I really do hope you and other developers find the content valuable :)
@v4violetta @fabiovirgi_ is this still available somewhere?
Put in all my info and tried downloading. Download button did nothing. Reloaded and tried again, still nothing. Seems broken.
Hey @eddyeazar, that's odd. We've had hundreds of downloads already and I can confirm that it worked for me just now too. Would you mind emailing me (fabio@paddle.com) with the email address you used?
@eddyeazar Same here. Had to disable my ad blocking plugin (uBlock) for it to work. Running Chrome on a Mac Book Pro.
@tkrones @eddyeazar I had to disable uBlock too!
@eddyeazar definitely a uBlock thing, I had to do the same.
@eddyeazar 2nd, uBlock is the culprit
Awesome book. Makes marketing look easy and now I'm wanting more...
Awesome Christian and Fabio!! I got mine :) Look forward to the AMA later today (3PM EST) on makerhunt.co > those of you who want to participate and are makers, sign up so you can ask some questions!!
Very well organized. Great guide to have, thanks for posting!