A Day in Code

A picture book written in code (with English translations!)

Have fun learning to code with this picture book- the story is written in the C programming language! The code consists of simple C programs that represent situations in the story. The full-page illustrations next to the programs show the situations.
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Hey everyone! I’m writing this book to solve a big problem- beginner programming examples are BORING! Who wants to see “Hello World!” printed on the screen when you could be printing the number of pizzas left over at a party? This book is all about having fun learning to code by reading a story told through code that describes situations in the story. I also see this book as a fun reference to look back on for code examples and C syntax if you need to refresh your memory. I’d love to hear your feedback…thank you!
Very interesting perspective! 👏 Is there any specific age group you are targeting?
@singhamardeep Thank you Amardeep! I think the book is useful for kids and students of all ages, probably starting at elementary school age. :)
Shari, I love this and will use it to teach my girls to program!
@gregw Thank you Greg, I'm so glad this will be helpful for you!
I have backed your Kickstarter, I cannot wait to download my copy! My girls are psyched!
@gregw Thank you so much Greg! I really appreciate it. :)
This is actually pretty cool. Great for students!
@edisonjoao6871 Thank you Edison! :)