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I was lucky enough to get an early look at this! loved the onboarding All 8TV videos are playable through snapchat if you scan the unique code or QR This could be huge for vloggers and snapchatters @chrisknight2 and @flypostboy tell us more :)
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@bentossell @chrisknight2 Awesome to be up on here. Thx @bentossell for hunting us 🙌 8TV is the easiest way for anyone to make the products around them shoppable by shooting short (15 second videos) and scanning the product's barcode to pull all the product details into the video and make it shoppable (via Amazon). We were inspired by the work we were doing making product videos for YouTubers and wanted to make it easy for anyone (not just YouTube stars) to shoot product videos right from their phone in seconds. A lot of Vloggers we work with wanted an easy way to do this and kept requesting they could add their amazon affiliate code into the videos, so we allowed that too! We're around now to answer any questions people have!
Thanks loads for the hunt @bentossell Hey everyone, I’m Chris I put together all the UI/UX for the product. The showcodes (QR) we generate are a cool way to get an instant on video experience when scanning them, right now they are working in two ways: 1. Scanning the codes from within the 8TV app from a share page, this allows users to start following shows within the app… http://iam8.tv/Sam/23f6642edf9ae...# 2. Scanning a code from within Snapchat to pull up a video created on 8TV where views can buy the product directly from within Snapchat itself. Check out the code here, it’s still just a demo but the real thing is only days away… https://twitter.com/Flypostboy/s...
@chrisknight2 @bentossell that's pretty cool, but why would you funnel users to watch video through snapchat if they can watch it directly in browser? I don't get it..
@arturkiulian @chrisknight2 @bentossell that feature is more for brands who want to create videos for their real world campaigns that exist outside Snapchat, but also want their customers to be able to see them inside Snapchat. For many Snapchatters we think Snapchat will become their default QR code reader ;)
@flypostboy @chrisknight2 @bentossell by real world you mean printed QR codes?
Alternative tagline: "Create your own QVC" I really like the concept. People love unboxing videos and products reviews from influencers/trusted folks.
@rrhoover thx for that. Glad you like it 👍 Yes we often talk about it as a user generated QVC. We're big product unboxing junkies! A lot of the user testing came from my 4 year old who is a huge unboxing video addict too ;) We love the idea of being able to start your own shopping TV channel with a 15 second video. With the tagline we wanted to emphasise how you can immediately connect the video to products around you but "Create your own QVC" def sums it up 😀
This is the kind of social shopping app that's asking for a Facebook buyout.
@garyfung thx for that Gary. That's honestly the last thing on our mind right now, but we def take that as a compliment ;) Right now our focus is developing the product, and making our users happy. Our roadmap right now has loads on it and we're just focused on executing that! You'll see lots more over the next few weeks..
@flypostboy @garyfung can I sign up use it for Android phone HTC also can you send me a sample thanks Ross
@yachtsofideas we are only available on iPhone at the mo. But we will make sure you're one of the first to know once were on Android. In the mean time you can see some of our content creator's videos on our Twitter page!
@stephqueralto thanks Stephanie have a prosperous week
Hey Product Hunt! Awesome to be up on here. Big kudos to @bentossell for hunting us 🙌 8TV is the easiest way for anyone to make short videos about the products in their lives. Just by recording a 15 second video and scanning the product's barcode, we embed the product into the video and make it shoppable (via Amazon). Any user can make money by adding their own affiliate code to their videos. We're pumped to launch! Please shout any questions at us! We think we're the first to integrate with the Snapchat QR code feature too! All our videos have a QR code that is scannable inside Snapchat to watch the video inside the Snapchat app! Big shout out to the rest of the team behind this @chrisknight2 @eduardo_gonzalez_fernandez @daniellarsson @stephqueralto
Hi @flypostboy love the idea. Just one question: is it more about people buying your favorite products than people buying your favorite products from you? Or maybe it's both. :)
@crystalchen thx loads for the question! We want it be all about discovering interesting products from the people you find interesting. So if you are into comics you can follow your favorite comic book makers in the app (or on Twitter etc) and they can share what they are reading through 8TV. As long as they add their affiliate code in the app you are buying from them with them receiving all the affiliate commission. Does that make sense?
@flypostboy Aha I see. It does! Thanks a million.
@flypostboy is the idea that users would watch the videos through the 8TV app? Or would creators export video and publish on YouTube, etc... ?
@mijustin Thx! Every one of our videos has a shareable web link so all the videos are viewable directly in the browser. So many people watch our videos by clicking on the web links on Twitter or YouTube but of course if you watch them inside our app, you get a fuller experience. But we don't want our app to be a sole destination and have built it with the idea that 8TV lives all over the web
Love the simplicity! Who do you think your best case users are? Vloggers wanting to start ecom? I could see small businesses jumping on this.
@patrickamori thx for that! Glad you like it! Yes vloggers are a big use case. They are using it to add shoppable videos as support for their YouTube videos, but a lot of our early user cases are small brands who sell through Amazon and need an easy to use way to talk about their products through video
@patrickamori Good question, I've been dealing with Community at 8TV and interestingly we've had a lot of bloggers come on board too. They wanted to get into video space before but hadn't done so because of the time it takes to create videos and learn to edit them for You Tube. Also the fact that each video they create on 8TV is a max of 15 seconds long is good for even the most camera shy of bloggers out there!