A fitness app for people who hate fitness

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- if I could add my shopping list automatically to my Tesco basket to get my weekly groceries delivered that would be AMAZING - friendly and approachable feel, more 'common sense' driven, less data driven (no charts and graphs, and calories goals etc) - plan your next workout after completing one is a good piece of behavioral design a) making an explicit commitment increases the likelyhood of following up b) good timing to ask that question - I feel accomplished after completing a workout which makes me want to do it again - progressing from e.g. novice to intermediate level with my exercise routine gives me a sense of accomplishment


- no need to plan what to cook or buy for the week - love the exercise levels


- connect to a shopping basket

Available on both iOS and Android, this app promises to help those who want to be in a better shape, without having to spend a fortune on gyms they won't go to, on expensive cardio equipment they won't use, and on special dietary suplements that don't really do anything. This spanish personal trainer has just received 200.000$ in funding.
reminds me of Hacker Body - what do you think @paulhontz? http://www.producthunt.com/posts...
It'd be cool to see something on the home page backing up how the app is for people who "hate fitness".
Very cool. Would love to get the founders to do an AMA!
Can do! As a founder, my previous company was Teambox (now called Redbooth) with $7mm raised and millions in revenue. I focus on product development, from talking to the customers to implement the JS that delivers the experience. This is my second startup, and my dream is to build a hugely scalable business that helps millions of people take their first steps in fitness.. and see the results workout after workout :)