7TILL8 Wetsuits

The ultimate custom wetsuit for surf and dive

7TILL8 Wetsuits is a custom surf and dive wetsuit company. Our mission is to create the best fitting wetsuit perfect for each surfer and diver. Submit measurements online and get a premium wetsuit in 2-3 weeks.

All custom wetsuit orders include free shipping, repairs, and alterations.

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7TILL8 Wetsuits
7TILL8 Wetsuits
Hi PH, For anyone that has a love of the ocean, you understand the trouble that an ill-fitting wetsuit can cause on your adventure in the ocean. A wetsuit that is too tight will restrict your movement in the water and a wetsuit that is too loose will be unable to keep you warm. We understand how important that second skin is and so we've created a product that most major wetsuit manufacturers are unwilling to do: custom fit. To make it accessible for anyone around the world to access, we've created an online measurement portal that allows you to submit your measurements from the comfort of your home. We'd love to get any feedback and would be stoked to answer any questions!
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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Finally! I have been waiting for these to exist. It's very hard to spot your surfer bud when everyone is in (boring) black. 🏄
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