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7Things is unique mobile application that saves short texts into your memory. No black magic, though :) It uses spaced repetition and three types of exercises to help you memorize whatever you want.

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Hey team! Tell us about 7Things, how does it help us to remember?
@ems_hodge Hey Emily! Thank you for interest to 7Things. The app combines spaced repetition (a popular technique for memorizing, usually used in vocabulary training) and three different exercises applied to the text that you want to remember. The app pops up at automatically defined time periods and asks you to do one or more of the exercises that help you remember the text you added (by sharing or typing in). We did it because other means of saving ideas, quotes, jokes, definitions and other things did not work for us. If you save it to a note taking application you need to remember that it is there and than find it)) The best way not to forget something is to remember it, isn't it?)) The easiest way to get to know the app is to use it - it's totally free)
Guys, don't be shy and ask all your questions away! Is the app useful? Is something missing beside the obvious (design) ? Will appreciate your thoughts!
@dmitry_kan iOS app in your roadmap? what use cases do you see as most common? (haven't tried 7things yet b/c my Android test units are both offline this weekend) narratively might struggle between using 7things v tiny cards....what is 7things better suited for?
@dmitry_kan @kkdub yes, iOS is in our roadmap but not this month) As for use cases, one is independent language learning. One of our clients is learning Estonian with this app: she simply added several useful phrases into the app and practiced them. But not only languages. Another user shared his experience learning chemical formulas with our app. Another case is memorizing short texts (definitions, quotes, ideas etc), something that can be easily lost in your usual note-taking apps but something that you would like to remember. It's quite similar to a note-taking software but with a couple of extra features: 1. it will pop-up the notes you stored in automatically specified time intervals and 2) it has special exercises for helping you remember the notes you made. As for tine cards and alikes, our approach is aimed at short texts, not single words or phrases. It also capable of text processing and generating exercises. Well, you can consider our app to be 'tiny cards for short texts'
Just to follow up......any movement on an iOS version?
@generic_d Hi Matlock, thanks for asking. Yes, we are working on iOS version.
Still no iOS app? 😳