(704) 448-LUKA

Find & book any restaurant in SF & South Bay Area via text

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Luka started as a mobile app using AI that recommends places to eat. This week we're launching Luka as a phone number +1 (704) 448-5852 that you can text anytime and find and book any table in SF and South Bay Area, including the ones that are impossible to get on OpenTable or other services. Luka also analyses your previous conversations, predicts what you might like and gets you tables (even at hard to get restaurants like State Bird Provisions, Rich Table, Cotogna etc). We want to build a service that will be available across all platforms - as a standalone app, in any messenger or simply by text messaging. We're building AI that you can use right now. Would love your feedback and happy to answer any questions :)
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@ekuyda Amazing product Eugenia!
@ekuyda Really fascinated by the idea of using chat as an interface. What are your plans for other cities?
@ekuyda I suggested this to Magic but they seem to be sold on text messaging only. Since you are embracing cross-platform you should look into a Slack integration. Mockup here (.png) http://b10p.com/1MIZ7Bw
@robjama Thanks, Robleh! We're working on adding all of the Bay Area by the end of March and then move to New York and Los Angeles! What are the cities you'd love to see it in?
@ekuyda If it's automated, what's the constraint that keeps you from launching country-wide?
Been using Luka for the past several weeks and has been an awesome experience. Props to Eugenia and the team for moving fast and building something genuinely useful + delightful.
@jjeremycai Thanks Jeremy! Let me know what need to be fixed - Luka needs as much feedback as possible, that's how it grows!
Not trying to sell my product, but what will you do when you get to large scale (if not there already) and carriers start blocking your text messages since you're using a long code and apparently only one phone number? (10 digit number) Clarification: carriers block outbound text messages from numbers sending too many text messages per day.
@matthewberman We were thinking about switching to a short code in some time - I've checked https://www.sendsonar.com/, seems like a great product. Let's talk about it? My email is kuyda@luka.ai.
@luka @ekuyda sent you an email!
Any different than the previously posted Luka - http://www.producthunt.com/posts... ?
@tzhongg Thanks for your comment! Luka is now available via text plus we've added all possible reservations in SF and Bay area - before that Luka was just restaurant recommendations in a mobile app.
@tzhongg V2.. this team moves fast!
@tzhongg @jtriest Thanks Jonathon! 🙌
How does Luka work in the back end? Is that fully automated / based on an API?
@romain_lapeyre Hi Romain! It's fully automated and based on the conversational technology we've been building. We're also plugging in APIs of different services. Let me know if you're interested in a more detailed description of our technology! :)