As a SaaS company (since 2007, so not a startup anymore), we need tools to collaborate, code, promote our product, and offer customer support. Here’s everything we use and how it helps us. This list is the result of 9 years of hard work and solving challenges as they came. We hope you find something that’ll help you with your particular challenge, or just try out a few new apps.
@olicsan can I ask, how does a list of tools translate to a book?
@bentossell Glad you asked :) Here's the main bulk of the ebook: We described HOW and WHY we use each tool in our company; we plan to include more details and screenshots in the book (so it's easier to understand), as well as an info field for each app (platform, type, price...). The plan is to share, from experience, all the tools one startup can use; or, at least, point out everything you might need when running a business.
@olicsan ok cool... was worried it was just a list ;)