4 Random Used Books in a Box

Get 4 awesome random books delivered to your door monthly.

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David Carpe
@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
you know who else has these? your local library! they have: free books, helpful staff, and no waiting for boxes to arrive - take home a zillion books TODAY!
Dan Hough
@basicallydan · Developer, Marvel – London
"GET 4 RANDOM NONFICTION BOOKS" isn't very appealing for $19.99 a month. If I stop by a used book store here in the UK I can pick up four random nonfiction books for £4. I think there needs to be a little more customisation/curation here for this to be at all appealing to me. That, or drop the price. But I can see why this might be enjoyable for some people.… See more
Greg Neufeld
@gregneuf · Partner, ValueStream Labs
This is cool but only if it's near-free and crowdsourced. If you make this a give to get product, where members have to mail random books to other people in order to stay a member then I think it would work. I would sign up. But I don't think 4 is the right number, maybe 2 or 3.
Alex Peterson
I was immediately grabbed by the product title, and was then a little disappointed to find out it's only for nonfiction books (and likely only industry books given the "CEOs" blurb, which, meh). If there were a way to tailor it even a little bit (while keeping the actual books you receive sufficiently "random"), I'd be all in. A 6-month or year-long subscr… See more