4 Minute Workout

The world’s fastest full body workout in just 4 minutes

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7.. Minute.. Abs
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@bhalp1 Hahaha. I was thinking exactly the same. Step into my office.
@bhalp1 @johnyjames If I'm not happy with the first 4 minutes, will you send me a 5th minute for free?
@johnyjames @rossdcurrie Four's the key number here, think about it! Four seasons, four leaf clovers, four man, that's the number!
@johnyjames @bhalp1 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!
Until someone comes out with the 3 minute workout... 😜
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@will_lam WHAT? Nobody's going to invent the 3 minute workout! That's crazy! You can't get a proper workout in 3 minutes!
@rossdcurrie @robjama I feel there's a April fool's joke in here somewhere 😉
Thanks for hunting @erictwillis 👊 I made Quick 4 when I learned about tabata training while working on Quick Fit (our 7 min workout app) with the team at Tiny Hearts. I was a bit skeptical at first about a four minute workout but then I tried it...these workouts are pretty intense! You can try it here if you're up for a quick challenge:
Wrote a piece for Fast Company last week about how Quick Fit was featured in an Apple ad and what happened next.
@erictwillis @robjama congrats again! Beautiful app :)
Quick 4 Minute Workout (aka The World’s Fastest Workout) is the perfect fitness app for busy people. It’s based on the popular Tabata Protocol, a regimen originally used by Japanese Olympic athletes.
First the '7 Minute Workout' and now there it is: '4 Minute Workout'. So I only have to wait less a year until there's a '1 Minute' Workout for the #lazy one :) 1. Nice Website! I love websites with "move" and movies 2. I downloaded the App and I'm going to try it tommorow in gym. I'm Excited 3. Good Luck!