3Dsimo Multipro

The most multifunctional tool that can fit in your pocket

3Dsimo Multipro is the most multifunctional tool that can fit into your pocket. It's 7 tools in 1:
✅ 3D pen
✅ soldering station
✅ plastic welder
✅ resistance wire cutter
✅ jigsaw
✅ small drill
✅ electric screwdriver
Let us know your idea for new attachments!
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Product hunt: 3Dsimo company develops and manufactures creative and multi-functional tools for makers, 3D printing enthusiasts, model makers or simply anyone who needs to repair home appliances. Our main two products are: 3Dsimo Multipro - Handheld workshop with up to 7 different functions with many more to come. This unique product is patented in 151 countries around the world. 3Dsimo Kit 2 - World's first fully Open Source multi-functional tool. Plastic parts are 3D printed from recyclable PLA and offers up to 4 different functions. Those two products are the result of our 6 years of experience in 3D printing and product development. Now it's your turn, let us know, what would you use the 3Dsimo Kit 2 and 3Dsimo Multipro for? What attachments would you like to see in the future? We are currently finalizing new attachments, such as Heat gun, but keep it a secret.
I think an ultrasonic knife attachment would be amazing and very useful for many things. I'm not sure if that would even be possible, but it would be cool! It could be used functionally, but also more creatively like here:
(I couldn't find anywhere else to put my attachment idea, is there a comment section to put this in?)
@jared_carter Hello Jared Carter, Thank you for writing and for your idea. We are familiar with the product that you send and it is really great. Truth be told, we plan to start working on such attachment right after new years. Best regards David
È un prodotto straordinario. All-in-one, versatile, uno strumento indispensabile per i creativi. Io sono una insegnante di scuola e la utilizzo con i miei alunni. Sono entusiasti di sperimentare e realizzare oggetti frutto della loro creatività.
Irena PaškevičováI love books and hiking
I like this product...especially the leather burning function! Ordinary leather boots can turn into something original and unique…that's just cool
Pierangelo SalisI study maths
I bought 3D simo mini for myself and I loved it. To this day it never failed me once and I still enjoy using it with all the features and extensions that came in the box.
@pierangelo_salis Hello, that is great to hear that you like your 3Dsimo Mini. If you could share our Indiegogo campaign on your Facebook, we'd be more than happy for it. Link to the campaign: https://3dsimo.com/indiegogo Sincerely, David Paškevič.
Francesco SERINII like small tools for diy
Beautiful! want it for my and my children
I think a great add on could be a syringe automatic dispenser for solder paste and rosin flux. Whit a selector for a precise amount or for free flow with the form factor of the drill attachment
Or a UV light concentred light to cure better, precise parts of sla prints
Sorry for being late but I write these ideas on the comment section of indiegogo as a mistake
Also a new idea but really complicated could be a full color 3d pen attachment like xyz printer has done with their multicolor 3d printer