A double exposure photo app.

#4 Product of the DayMarch 25, 2014

"2by2! is a photo app that allows you to create double exposure photographs with friends ( and with random strangers.)" Super cool idea. I'm enamored with the "remix" culture. POP (http://www.producthunt.co/posts/...) is doing some interesting things here and I wouldn't doubt if single-player photo/video-creation apps like Mindie, Frontback, and others to move in this direction over time. @abramdawson @brianp - you guys might dig this.
Hi all, I am Amin, work at R/GA as a Creative Director. Thanks for UPing 2by2. :) I will hang around the comments today. Would love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you guys may have.
First off, love your avatar, @aminTorres. I'm a little jealous. How did you come up with 2by2?
I am a big photo nerd, nycpb.com, this was kinda the humans of new york before there was a humans of new york, except I never talked to people. :) I am always thinking about photography /taking to photographers / even married one of them, so these things are always in my head. 2by2 is my latest attempt to get people to experience a side of photography that was traditionally rather hard to pull off. Mobile enables a whole new set of possibilities that are not available with traditional film cameras so I wanted to tap into the unexpected nature of not knowing what you'll end up with.
Very cool concept. How hard is it to get a good result when matching 2 photos randomly, are you doing anything in particular to "reduce" the randomness? Also wondering about your thoughts on user acquisition for 2by2