24FPS by Polarr

Movie quality video recording for iPhone

24FPS welcomes you to record and edit videos with real life cinematic filters inspired by movie titles, with built-in A.I. that learns your color aesthetics overtime to recommendations based on your scene.
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  • Mau-mau
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    This doesn't work.


    The render literally doesn't work. No image is shown and the render exports to a frame 1x1 video. I'd like my money back please!

    Please contact me!

    Mau-mau has used this product for one day.
Hello wonderful people! I'm very excited to bring to you 24FPS, a cinematic tool for the iPhone. I've been the lead developer on this project for over a year, and with the rest of the team at Polarr, we've been carefully crafting and iterating on the idea of making beautiful footage painless and available to all. Every filter we packaged into the app is a LUT created by a professional color-grader taking inspiration from some of our favorite movies. To help avoid the paradox of choice we've also created the very first filter AI, which will recommend you a filter perfectly catered to your tastes based upon the scene you're about to film. In typical Polarr fashion, the AI is fast and it's stored completely locally on your device. There are so many great ways to create movie-like footage in 24FPS that I'll just let you all explore and create your own masterpieces swiftly and simply. Thank you!
@mark_paraschuk this is awesome. .Cube import is a major 🔑 alert. 🚨 thank you!
@mark_paraschuk This is such a wonderful app! 1. Onboarding is super great! Asking for permissions from the user is clear and very easy to access. 2. The filter tools (swiping through and force touch) are very easy to use and access. The basic luts also look super cool. Can't wait to test it outdoors. 3. Typography looks great! What fonts are you using for this product? Really gets you in the pro-film cam vibe. 4. The filter game is very intuitive too. Makes it much easier to know which filters would we want to try out first. Very useful for those who just wants to utilize premade filters, and an awesome ramp for those who want to create filters of their own. 5. Controls for shooting are very easy to understand and intuitive. The basic controls presented are just about the right settings to surface, and quick access to a stabilization option is very useful. The frame size is also easier to understand than more traditional wireframe illustrations (it breaks my mind but it's kind of easier to show rather than tell in many instances). 6. The additional settings like Inertia zoom are really great for those who'd like to create FB/Insta stories with this. Retouching options are subtle (thankfully and tastefully, over-aggressive face retouching tools are really creepy), but I think I don't quite understand what the bottom-most tool does (aside from face width and eye size). 7. Editing tools are great! I think there was a deliberate decision not to introduce granular control for the filter intensity and rotation, but I hope this would be revisited in a future update. 😇 8. Default options for the music library sounds good. Option for Apple Music and even on-device music is even much better. Hope you include credits/more information for your music though! (Same with fonts use, if any, haha). 9. Option to save as GIF = 🔥🔥🔥🔥 10. And thank you for putting an option to hide the app watermark even in free mode. Killer app! I hope how you designed this app would also inform your first app, Polarr. Thank you for this!
@jkspn Thanks for the feedback! Really happy you're enjoying the app. We will definitely take point 7 into consideration in upcoming releases 😉 Also, regarding the retouching options, the bottom-most tool is skin smoothing (it's fairly subtle so if your skin is already shining it won't do much).
@mark_paraschuk Ah, so that's what it is. I'd let my peers try it on as I've found skin smoothing does not work really well on my face. 😂 Also, got a chance to use it on the iPad—, some additional stuff: 1. 👏 for iPad support! Makes sense if you do creative work on the iPad as well. 2. Is there a way for the on boarding to go landscape? This is actually something I've always thought about, apps having portrait-bias (coming from the iPhone it's understandable)—but iPads tend to be landscape most of the time (especially if you use a keyboard with it. 3. On the iPad Pro, landscape mode works weirdly, because the multitasking bar thingy (swipe up to close the app/enter multitasking, or swipe left and right for recent apps) is on the right side, it doesn't work properly at all. 4. The front facing camera squishes the image horizontally in landscape, and vertically in portrait. 5. While on the iPhone this could be okay (and trivial), the Import Video, Filter, and Settings menus on the iPad should be displayed somewhere (again talking about the fact that iPad users tend to have their iPads on landscape). Looking forward for your future releases!
Thank you for this. :) The Video part of it works really great! ❤️the cinematic stabilisation and inertia zoom. Filters looks good too. For some reason the Audio I hear in the final recording is just plain high pitched screeching noise.
@vishnu_v Hmm, that's really odd. We will definitely investigate and fix. Thanks for letting us know!
I really like this app. Especially, the cinematic stabilization, if i could change anything it would be to add a more throrough tutorial. The features are really cool for a free application and if you could please keep the toggle function that allows you to remove the watermark from the frame without needing to pay more for the feature. I would be willing to pay for more AI enabled applications that assist with video shooting and editing on the go.