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Give back to open source projects this Christmas

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24 Pull Requests is a yearly initiative to encourage developers around the world to send 24 pull requests between December 1st and December 24th.

This is the site to help promote the project, highlighting why, how and where to send your pull requests.



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Andrew Nesbitt
Andrew NesbittMaker@teabass · Package management nerd
24 Pull Requests is back again for a 3rd year, encouraging people to give back to open source projects that they've been benefiting from all year. I started the site back in 2012 as a way to get more people participating in open source projects, the site itself is also open source, we've had 127 different people contribute to the project itself so far.
Andreas Klinger
Andreas KlingerHiring@andreasklinger · Tech at Product Hunt 💃
@teabass Love this. Based on your learnings. How can people make their projects more "accessible" for external contributors ?
Andrew Nesbitt
Andrew NesbittMaker@teabass · Package management nerd
@andreasklinger opening good, descriptive issues and tagging them with labels like "beginner" or "starter" gives people obvious clues where to start, also just being active and friendly in comment threads is a great way to keep people coming back and make them long time contributors.
Jamie Barton
Jamie Barton@notrab · Husband, Dad & Developer 🙌
I discovered this earlier in the year and almost immediately bookmarked it and set a reminder to return in December hoping there would be another round of pull requests. Then today I see it on PH and I can only imagine the amount of traffic you guys are getting will hopefully spark plenty new users and some really good pull requests giving back to the community. I hope to get involved and spend a few evenings when I can giving back! Really nice effort @teabass - Keep up the excellent work and please share the results when this round closes.
Andrew Nesbitt
Andrew NesbittMaker@teabass · Package management nerd
Thannks @notrab, we're currently serving 1.5K req/min according to new relic, much higher traffic that I experienced in the last two years. My hope is that we can double the key stats from last year: 1576 different people sent 7167 pull requests to 3103 different projects
James Brooks
James Brooks@jbrooksuk · Founder, Alt Three
24 Pull Requests is an awesome idea for people looking to help with open source but not sure how or projects to commit to :) Also I've added Cachet (https://github.com/cachethq/cachet) to the list of projects looking for pull requests.