24 Hours on Human

One day of walking, running, cycling and transport on Human

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Paul Veugen
Building products, teams, and companies
Since we started Human we experimented with ways to visualize the enormous stream of activity data and learn more about Human activity around the world. On Human Cities (http://cities.human.co) we show real-time stats and in the past we visualized activity of a few months for major cities (http://crated.com/human). This time we wanted to make something bigger and with the Mapbox Studio and Mapbox GL we visualized 24 hours of Human activity – walking, running, cycling, and transport – all around the world. The map isn't very optimized, so it might warm up your device or crash your browser, but it can double as a benchmark for your machine 🔥😉. It's best to open the map on your desktop and in our tests Safari runs this pretty smooth.
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Martijn de Kuijper
Founder at Revue
@pveugen Damn this is nice.
Maarten GravenFounder, Flamyngo
@pveugen big up!