2018 Shout-Outs

Give thanks to the people & products that made 2018 awesome

Product Hunt's 2018 Shout-Outs is a celebration of all the all the people and products that made 2018 awesome. Add your thanks and give recognition to those your appreciate.

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Before we all left for the holiday break, @kaigradert sent me this in Slack: "Would love to bounce a kittenish idea with you..." He shared a mockup of Shout-Outs and @rstankov agreed to build it over a few hours. We'd like to encourage everyone to spread a little ❤️ around the internet today and acknowledge the people and products that helped make the year awesome (or at least tolerable, as I know it may have been a tough year for some of you). (side note: kittenish is one of 5 words we use to help define our culture and the vibe we're going for, because otherwise business and product building can be so sterile)
Aaron O'Leary
Community @producthunt. Chef.
Love this idea, there's so many people I want to thank and this is a beautiful way to showcase it
Kai Gradert
Designer at AngelList/Product Hunt
Thanks, @rrhoover and @rstankov. This was a fun project to build towards the end of the year. It's good to take a moment to reflect on people and moments that made a difference in your life. Onwards to a great 2019!
Dan Edwards
Design at Product Hunt
This is why I love @producthunt 🙌
Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
This came as a total surprise and is just so delightful! I could spend all day thanking people, it was hard to pick just a few. Not only is it fun, its also good for your health.
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