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This is a valuable resource for any blogger who feels undervalued or delegitimized for the work they do. It's time we validate blogging as a true and difference-making career!
Really interesting and in-depth look at it means to be a blogger in 2017. Based on feedback from over 850 blogggers! Read it online or download the PDF.
Thanks for the support here and for the submission @mubashariqbal. I'm around to answer any questions if you have them. In general, from start to finish we worked on this report for five months. We started with the design of the survey, thinking through exactly what data we would want to gather and looking back now we have many learnings to apply next year. Then we went into gathering data, trying to reach a diverse group of respondents - we'd like to do an even better job of this going forward. Once we had the data, getting it into a useable format and pulling out the facts and stats was perhaps the hardest part of all. We used those stats to create basic graphs in Google Sheets and then used those to fuel the written report. @charliprangley turned our amateur graphs into beautiful visuals and designed the end to end report (online and PDF). Andrew Shield built that into a working online version with implementation help from @dylanfeltus.
Nice to see this launch!
Had contributed to this and been waiting for it for a long time!