2016 Wrapped

Playlists of the most streamed songs this year on Spotify 🎶

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Along with Spotify's top artists/tracks/playlists for 2016, you can also see your own "Your Top Songs 2016" playlist. Here's mine; share yours! Also, I wrote this thing about The Weeknd and Trump and 2016 when I was drinking the other night. Seems mildly related and relevant to share.
Here's my top songs of 2016. So many gems, featuring JackLNDN, RUFUS DU SOL, Darius, Tom Misch, and of course Justin Bieber.
@rrhoover Darius dude ... amazing. Have you checked out Zimmer? a similar french artist
Now someone should take this and turn it into a dating app serving up profiles who best match your musical taste.
@ryanmarr we recently did a Spotify<>Tinder integration for that very purpose!
@cdcwatson It's not algorithmic though is it? I thought it only lets users share what they like on their profile. Similar to Tinder Instagram integration.
@ryanmarr not quite, it also allows you to sync your top tracks (as opposed to just explicitly picking an artist you're into). The top tracks approach is obviously similar to how Your Top Songs of 2016 is generated. Check out Tastebuds.fm by @themire if you're looking for something more algorithmic.
@cdcwatson I'm just looking for that lady who 'gets' me the way spotify does!
Huh, doesn't seem to work for European users... sucks
@ow For me it worked when I went to https://open.spotify.com/view/20..., scrolled to the bottom, clicked on "open in Spotify" and then the Spotify app opened on my Mac and I had my personalized list at the top :)
Spotify does´n stop to surprising us