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I built this to help me write and share ideas more often! It's been really slow to start, but been iterating on it for a little while now. I'd love to get more folks on it! And take things from there!
The idea of using the image preview within twitter to view larger blocks of text is genius. You can read without leaving your feed. No waiting for anything to load. Love it.
@lee94josh I can't take full credit for that... I developed the idea after seeing a tweet from @rrhoover and things went from there! :D Personally, a quick and easy way to blog and share is just what *I* need. But I'm hopeful that more people try it out, even for no other reason than to develop their writing skills! :)
@machinehuman I love your MVP approach this btw. Want to share with everyone else? :)
@rrhoover Sure! Love to! So after I stole your tweet image idea (:D) I pretty much just started writing one day while on the train. By the time I got to my stop I had something around 200 words long, which was not a huge blog post but it felt long enough to be fairly complete. I didn't have a lot of time to write more, so I just screenshotted it and tweeted it out. I don't think it did very well, but it was fun to do! So I did it again. To me there's just something nice about the immediacy of it. After doing that for a few more times, it occurred to me that this might be a really cool little service for other people too. So I talked about the idea with a few people (including you, Ryan! :D) and had to figure out how to actually capture submissions. I had originally envisioned it as a 100% mobile app (and I might get there someday) but doing the web version would get me something much faster! I basically couldn't have made this 100% on my own, without the use of the free tools that are now available. I've always been fond of starting off lo-fi, and with tools like Wufoo, it gives me a way to actually make fully functioning things (not just simple prototypes) while exploring ideas and learning a lot along the way. On that note, there are so many tools available to get started that I hope more and more designers start founding/creating things. Dribbble's cool to look at, but the real lessons are learned by doing.
@rrhoover Oh one more thing... I think the very first version of it, starting from 0 to the basic service, was put together on a Saturday. I didn't even have the domain when I started... :D I think I'm now on the 3rd iteration of the service? I have tons more that I want to do, but I'm learning a bunch of programming stuff to tinker around with things at the moment, so it might take a little while. Unless someone wants to volunteer some time! :D
Testing emojis ๐Ÿ˜
@machinehuman would love to be able to post these directly to my own twitter feed.
@BlendahTom Yep. I am looking for someone to help me with that. I am a 1-man army right now with very little programming experience... But it's definitely on the road map!