Get everything your business needs to stay secure and compliant with 1Password Business:

- Securely share passwords, credit cards, documents, and more

- Create item usage reports for your employees

- Provision with Active Directory and Okta

- Organize your team into groups with custom permissions

1Password Business includes free family accounts for every team member, so you can promote good password habits at home and at work.

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Hello Hunters! Today we at AgileBits are proud to present 1Password Business. We've been working for a few months now on building everything a business may need to remain secure and compliant in the fast-moving digital world. Do you need to know which employees have used certain items? Run one of our new user or vault reports. Do you want to onboard your entire company in one fell swoop? Deploy our Active Directory and Okta integration for fast user provisioning. Do you think your employees should be as safe at home as they are at work? Everyone on your team now gets a free Family account to protect what's most important. Want a next-level sense of security? Secure your employees' accounts with Duo multi-factor authentication. 1Password Business is the next step in ensuring your business maintains the highest level of security while giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Go ahead, forget your passwords. I'll be hanging out to answer any questions you may have, or you can tweet @1Password or @cohix to get in touch! P.S. We launched betas for version 7 of our Windows and Mac apps in the past 2 weeks, and they are absolutely perfect to use with 1Password Business... or your family, or on your own :)
He, we love our 1Password for Teams. I still can't get what's the difference between 1Password for Teams and for Business?
@visualpharm 1Password Business is everything in Teams, plus reports, free family accounts for all, Active Directory/Okta integration, and too many small large-account improvements to count. It is a replacement and a much better version of our previous "Teams Pro" plan (and it's cheaper than Pro was before). Let me know if you have any other questions :)
@cohix as early adopters, we had 20 free guest accounts, so 21 accounts cost $5/more or so. If we buy pro, how much should we pay for 21 accounts?
@cohix @visualpharm This is where I am too. I'm on the early adopter pricing for Teams Pro, $48/user/year. I'm on the Family Plan launch special for another $48/year. I _think_ I could move to Teams for basically the same price? (And then my teammate(s) would also get a Family plan, though they don't have Families…) But what does that process look like? Why bother with the headache? And maybe this is just dumb psychology, but I'm bummed to lose special pricing, as I do feel I've earned it in a way (clearly I'm consistently jumping when 1P says jump).
Huge 1Password fan...I've been using it for years (as have many here, I'm sure!) At Branch, we have a limited deployment of 1Password for Teams, but MOST of the company is on OneLogin. The big advantage of OneLogin is no one gets to see the password itself, which has never been possible with 1Password. With this 1Password Business, is no-view access finally an option?
@alexdbauer thanks for the kind words! I've been following Branch for a while, awesome stuff going on over there. The difference here is that OneLogin is an SSO/SAML provider, whereas we are a password manager. These are very different problems to solve, and as such we don't support "passwordless" login. Your Teams subscription does allow you to disable the "view passwords" permission on groups, though, which means that your employees can only fill passwords, not copy or reveal them. Cheers :)
@cohix thank YOU for the kind words! OneLogin is an SSO/SAML service, and we definitely use that part of it. But they also have a password management component (which for some reason keeps getting breached So they are a 1Password competitor. In theory. Glad to hear this is already an option in 1Password Teams — clearly I don't get out enough!

It's really hard to justify paying $8/mo a user for something we can get at Lastpass for $3/mo.


Great security, Solid execution, improving UI with X version



LastPass...yee-ouch is that thing ugly. We've been forced to use it at work and I manually copy everything important into 1Password.