1Password 7.0 is the greatest version of 1Password for iOS AgileBits has ever shipped. Efficiency abounds!

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Wow... 1password + Face ID is dope:
Video credit to @reneritchie. The release notes are also impressive! • Beautifully at home on iPhone X with Face ID. • Speedy access to your recently used items on our reinvented Favorites screen. • Quick Copy, a new, faster way to get information from 1Password into the places you need it. • Keyboard shortcuts for you pros on iPad. • 33% performance increase across the board.
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Hey everyone, I'm one of the 1Password developers! This has been a huge achievement for our iOS team, there are so many new goodies to share in this release. Since I just got my iPhone X, I've been unlocking 1Password over and over with my face and it never gets old :D My favorite feature, though is quick copy. You can tap to copy your username, paste it anywhere, then as soon as you return to the app, your password is automatically copied without any more taps. That's why the slogan is "Efficiency abounds!" We'll be around all day to answer questions! Cheers :)
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@cohix is there an Authy-style Today widget for 2FA token generation? That's something I'd really like to see in order to switch away from Authy.
@chrismessina That's something we've looked into and it something we still want to do at some point, but there's no definitive plans right now, especially since getting 2Fa codes without unlocking is tricky business. The new favorites screen does however get you very quick access to 2fa codes!
@cohix I like the idea of quick copy, but for some reason when I copy my username and quick switch to another app, it copies the password instead. The only way I can get it to copy my username is to swipe up (home action) and then manually open or switch to another app. A swipe left on the home button always seems to result in a password copy, even if I wanted the username. Other than that, love the product, and faceID
@cohix @xcadaverx I'm experiencing the same issue and it really slows down the basic username copy action I take if I have to go home to launch the app rather than use the quick slide right on the bottom of the screen to switch to the last app.
@sripaladugu @xcadaverx that's actually a bug in iOS 11.1, it'll be fixed in 11.2 and we'll have a workaround code fix in 7.0.1 :)
1Password now supports 2FA?? Tell me more...
The feature has existed since v5?!?!?! Damn it. Wish someone had told me sooner. For how wonderfully this feature works, it is equally as obscured and unannounced: https://support.1password.com/on...
@magnuson Indeed, it's been around for a little while now. 🙂 We wrote a blog post about it when we originally released it back in 2015, and there's a bit more info about things there as well: https://blog.agilebits.com/2015/...
@magnuson yup, and it’s way more usable for me than Google Authenticator or Authy because you can use it on your Mac as well (gets filled automatically too).
@magnuson Damn I didn’t know about that either but awesome news! 🤩
@magnuson @nscmnto Indeed! Authy has a little Chrome app that you can use cross-platform, and I've used that for a while because I prefer to keep most things in a truly second factor (a different app).
I think a very good update :)
@realrus Thanks so much for the kind words, Stas. 😃
LastPass, seems to work a bit better. But competition is great! 1Password has its roots and still continues to be more Apple centric. LastPass is more platform agnostic.
@androidlove Give 1Password a try sometime — we're always doing new stuff 😉
@androidlove but 1Password (AFAIK) has never been hacked, whereas LastPass has.
@androidlove @penderworth I've been asking for 5 years so ill just ask again. Can we get Linux support?!?! Even the most basic linux app would do. Primarily I am a mac user, but I have Linux computers I need to use occasionally for certain work things, and not having any access to my intentionally complicated passwords is a pain in the butt.