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Great clean, minimalistic design. Question: Where are the memos stored? Locally on the phone / iCloud? Is there a provision to restore / backup the data if I lose my phone?
@dotmanish Local stored.No icloud yet & can't be restored & only hold 3 days notes & automatically deleted after 3days.I hope it will be a draft paper,temporary memo,rather than a evernote-like app.Hope you can understand~Thank you very much.
@liushijie0 got it. Thanks. btw, you may also want to market the therapeutic value of the app in terms of Health apps categories (think "Calm" etc).
@dotmanish thanks,i will try later~
@dotmanish @liushijie0 with this temporary note concept, you could easily do what BIRDHOUSE has done for ages. "Getting the note outta-there" should be the goal, yes? http://birdhouseapp.com/
Of course,we have masses of memo & note apps.However,when we are catching shifting ideas, we tend to search a paper & a pencil rather than opening an app. We set down many temporary notes,but we never read them again.We plan for every coming days,but we always failed to implement. Now the solution comes.1Memo is the perfect memo app for minimalists.It's so simple that it just have three memo cards for today、yesterday & tomorrow.Just forget about the past and never care too much about the future. In case important information is deleted automaticlly,you can save the memo card as a image ~ Thank you.That's all about 1Memo. Next version,I will add a new feature —— double tap to get things done. My twitter is liushijie0 ,you are welcomed to discuss any thing about 1Memo.
very beautifully designed, i must say. although a true minimalist would just use the notes app they already have on their phone ;)
@thewrongjoshua Honestly,you‘r right.May 1Memo be another choice.( ̄▽ ̄)~*
Love the design, +1
@kopahkah Thanks a lot
Love the design, any plans for an Android version?
@juanscv Thank you very much.No Android version plan yet. (●゚ω゚●)
@juanscv @liushijie0 Hi, I really like the idea, being so minimalist and beautiful. I being an Android user, would love to have this on android. Can I implement it on Android ?