Buy a meal, give a meal, get a picture of the donated meal

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Thanks @robjama for the invite! Hey everyone, we're excited to be on PH as a maker. We wanted to help people give back doing what they do everyday. When you buy a 1FORhunger meal at a participating restaurant, you get a meal and we'll give a meal to someone in need. Best of all, you get a picture of the meal that's donated along with a promotion from a restaurant. It's a win-win-win!
Love this model of turning diners to donors. It's like TOMS shoes for restaurant meals. Currently only available in Toronto.
Very cool concept! Congrats! The picture really adds a great touch point. A friend of mine, Jonathan Kumar, founded a company here in Grand Rapids, Michigan called FoodCircles, which solves this problem in a similar fashion. I feel like it'd be great for the two of you talk. Let me know if you'd like to get in touch with him!
@tikhbana thanks for the support. That'd be great!
@itsnajeeb No problem Najeeb!
How do I get this into the restaurants in my local area? I'm british.
@samcambridge Hey Sam, thanks for reaching out. We're only in Toronto, Canada at this moment and hope to expand out soon.
I like it! Is the restaurant ad that is shown with the picture of the meal what cover the cost of the donated meal? Or are the participating restaurants doing a discount for you? Good luck in Toronto...bring it to SF soon please!
@tylerswartz Hey Tyler, thanks. The restaurant covers the cost of the meal. They select dishes and decide what menu items will give back. Anytime you buy that particular menu item, you get that meal and you'll be giving a meal to someone in need (paid by restaurant)