Restrict tweets to 140 characters

140 is a Chrome plugin to restrict your tweets to 140 characters—and truncate all tweets in your feed to that same perfect length.

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We wanted flyings cars, all we got was flying Ubers and a Chrome extension that blocks tweets longer than 140 characters.
Great product. I've been enjoying the character backlash on Twitter, so this seems like the perfect response @elgreg could you tell us how the truncating part works where 140 limits other people's tweets to? How does it avoid losing any meaning?
@elgreg @abadesi It does lose meaning. There's absolutely no workaround here. Splitting a 280 tweet into two 140 tweets will occupy the same real estate on the display anyway. I don't get the outrage over #280characters. :)
Haha I literally requested this on twitter this morning - Product Hunt strikes again - good work 👍
Great product name, great Product Hunt slug. :D