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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 10, 2017
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Hey there. We updated 12K INDEX, our tech media attention analyzer. You can now compare the coverage of up to five topics in the leading tech media outlets. Here is a blog post on how we use the tool at 12K to evaluate emerging technologies: https://medium.com/@12KResearch/.... Let me know if you have any questions.
@jtthede This is really neat. Do you have any examples of some new or interesting or surprising insights that you uncovered from this?
Hi @kleneway. Analyzing lots of tech trends revealed two main insights: 1) There are recurring trend diffusion pattern that can help to evaluate the status of a tech trend 2) The media attention for a trend clearly correlates with its economic indicators (user numbers, revenue, shipments...)
@jtthede @12kresearch I've tried "Product designer" "UX deisgner" "UI designer" and "Front-end developer" https://index.12k.co/index/%22Pr... Great idea!
This is cool - would like to see some numbers so that the data means more than just the lines going up (or down)
Thanks @bentossell. The graphs show the relative attention in the leading tech websites. But it is a good idea to add the total number of articles
@jtthede yeh for sure, I would like to have an actual number to be able to pin-point
Looking good. I like how you can compare anything. How many sources do you analyze?
Thanks @einkoenig. We tested a lot with different source sets and noticed that the results are better if we go for quality over quantity and focus on the top sources. For the INDEX we analyze 5,000-10,000 articles per month from the leading tech news websites.
@jtthede Will be more of an analytics tool if you add actual numbers to the pretty lines
We heard you @vladzima and @bentossell :) You can now mouseover the graph and see the share of articles that cover the analyzed topics
@jtthede Cool, that was fast. I believe we'll not get an opportunity to see absolute numbers? ;)
Imagine how cool that would be if an algorithm could differentiate Signal app from word "signal" in those articles...
@vladzima Yeah, thats a great idea. We have actually parsed the articles for named entities and tagged the part-of-speech already in the backend (e.g. to differentiate proper nouns), but it's not build into this tool yet.
@chs_sch Christoph, fantastic!
Neat tool! I bet @daniellemorrill will appreciate this.