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Learn your friends' inner secrets one question at a time

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I've been working on something similar (kind of) for the past few months and I'm glad to see a product like this live right now.
@syswarren oh yeah!? Keep me in the loop.
@syswarren very cool - hope to check out what you're making soon!
Hey everyone - Thanks for checking out 1 Question! Our goal was to make something social, fun and really light-weight. When we were testing the beta we realized how fun it is learning something (silly, serious or super weird) about your friends / family / co-workers in an informal game environment. So that was our main motivation. Plus we took a chance to try some new ideas we had like... what if you had to share something to see something? And why not let everyone customize their feeds daily (by tagging specific people)? If you like what we made or have any ideas / feedback, please let me know any time :) ali@1question.co
From the team who built draw something, the kings of social games. This one will be interesting to watch
@ilan thanks for sharing on PH & Twitter!
Some more information on the landing page would be nice, but I love the concept :)
@hoomnizer thanks for the feedback! Hope you get a chance to check it out.
@ali_nicolas Added to my collection "Inspiring Female Founders"