The 1-on-1 Meeting Assistant provides a simple and effective way to improve your 1-on-1 meetings with recommended questions, simplified scheduling, and automated reminders.

Managers continue to learn new insights about their employees, and employees have a pressure-free way to speak openly about how they’re doing.

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Hello, I’m Shay from Lead Honestly! The past few months we’ve been working on expanding the product at Lead Honestly and we couldn’t be more excited to share the 1-on-1 Meeting Assistant today! We designed and built the 1-on-1 Meeting Assistant based on how we’ve lead and managed our own teams for years. The way it works is simple enough: add your employees and we’ll send them curated questions, collect their responses, and get the conversation started for your next 1-on-1 meeting. As a manager you’ll continue to learn new insights about your employees without interruption as the questions are new each meeting and the workflows are all automated. As an employee you'll the ability to easily share thoughts and feelings with your manager that you may not have felt comfortable doing before without the prompt of a question. In all, we’re pretty excited about the product! Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment, we’d love to hear from you. Shay
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@shayhowe congrats to you & Darby! What are some of the product expansions you've made in these past few months? What's on deck for the next 3-6? Keep up the great work!
@mikegelphman Thank you! The past few months we've expanded from simply providing questions to managers for their 1-on-1 meetings to providing an entire automated 1-on-1 meeting workflow that sends employees curated questions, collects their responses, and notifies managers when an employee is ready to meet. Additionally, we've added Pulse Questions, which provide a quick and easy way to survey employees in real-time, and a Slack integration, to work with you and your team where you already work, inside Slack. Ahead we're working on team accounts, action items/note taking, richer intelligence, and iterating on feedback, amongst a few other projects. It's been exciting and we're looking forward to the continued progress!
@shayhowe - always appreciate frameworks/tools to help improve 1:1s! Seems like there's some overlap with 15Five (or maybe I'm imagining things?) How does Lead Honestly differentiate itself from them and others in this space?
@jenlwei Thanks! We do slightly overlap with other products, no doubt. Our core difference is ensuring that employees and their managers are able to build strong, engaging relationships. We do that by anchoring on 1-on-1 meetings, providing discussion topics to kick start the conversation and workflows to keep the conversations going. With this, we've seen incredible engagement that increases over time as companies use Lead Honestly. We're also a fraction of the price of others at $9 a month a manager with no limit or additional cost per employee. 😃
I'm early adopter and huge fan! Congrats Shay and Darby!
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I've had the pleasure of watching Shay and Darby build Lead Honestly firsthand and am happy to see them release the latest iteration with their 1-on-1 Meeting Assistant. These are proven leaders and the product works!
One of the exciting parts of the 1-on-1 Meeting Assistant for me is the integration with Slack. Many teams spend their day in Slack, so having Lead Honestly available right there makes it very easy to create new interactions between managers and employees, and increase engagement. This is a relatively new feature for us, but we've seen very encouraging feedback and we will be expanding the capabilities significantly in the coming months.
@darbyfrey1 awesome job! looking forward to seeing it evolve!!

My manager utilized this tool for over a dozen of our 1x1's, each of which have led to juicy discussions with no time wasted. Our 30 min 1x1's have all been straight to the point to really get the core of where I'm at in my role. Answering LeadHonestly's questions has been a very effective method to vocalize my thoughts to my manager and as a result strengthened our relationship.


Fantastic questions that enabled a deeper relationship with my manager.


None yet.