1-Hour Photo

A camera app, where you wait an hour to see the photo

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I've bounced around a similar idea with @thetylerhayes. As @nireyal has written about, the anticipation of the reward (the photo in this case), is sometimes more compelling than when the reward is received. Buffer scratches this for me. When I put something in my Buffer queue, I know it will be shared hours in the future, resulting in socially-driven rewards in the form of replies, favorites, and RT's (Nir calls this the Rewards of the Tribe). While I could immediately tweet something, I find it oddly delightful to delay the gratification. I'd like to see a slight variation of 1-Hour Photo where pictures taken are made available and emailed to a private group of friends the following morning. Use case: reliving photos from last night's partying. :P
@rrhoover I think the partying use case is spot on. After using 1-Hour Photo I've been thinking about a simple "Photobooth" app where you pick how many photos you want to take and shoot. Then as you say it delays the strip of photos by a few hours and emails / shares with the private group you've already set. Could be a lot of fun, I'd use it.
@rrhoover Along the lines of the Hook Model, in this case, the expectation of seeing the photo "loads the next trigger." Taking the photo becomes the "investment" phase.
I've been playing with this today and was surprised to find that you can't view your photos within the app itself. It simply saves it to your camera roll 1 hour after being taken. I assume they did this just to cut scope of a first release.
@rrhoover If you find me a dev who'll put a few hours into Slapshot to do that in exchange for homemade cupcakes, I'm game. We've probably spent more time talking about it at this point than it would take to just implement.
Love this concept, it's interesting to see the majority of comments are excited about the "present to your future self" aspect. I actually find the other half of the app to be most interesting — the act of taking a photo. I'm a big fan of old school film photography because the delayed results and limited film cause one to be much, much more thoughtful when snapping photos than when using a digital camera. I wonder if 1-Hour Photo would have the same effect on my behavior, & I might even like to see a "daily photo limit" incorporated to make things that much more special.
This is really interesting. In our early prototype for AlleyOop we had a 1`-hour delay between finishing the film roll and the group participating getting the photos, but we found that it mostly became annoying and distracted from the primary feature of our app (sharing a 'film roll' with friends). Definitely still love the idea of accidentally mixing others pics in too. Loving all the experimentation in photo apps right now, interesting seeing the various hypothesis being tested.
I was intrigued (albeit a little skeptical) when I first saw this app mentioned on Twitter. I decided to give it a try after reading this in the App Store description: "Nobody gets distracted in the moment by reviewing photos as they're being taken - your special moments remain all about the moments themselves. " More often than not, if I'm taking photos, I tend to fill my Camera Roll up with photos that are to be edited. A lot of the time I'll they'll sit there with only a few of them being touched up and posted to Instagram etc. 1-Hour Photo changes this completely. I actually find myself taking photos that I wouldn't usually take just to see how they turn out. I've posted a few photos to my Instagram, here's a favorite: http://instagram.com/p/qA8VlFDcrm
Great thesis