Product Hunt Weekly Digest
January 23rd, 2022

3 days until the Golden Kitty Awards

We have two more Golden Kitty Awards categories to introduce you to before the big day.

Check out the finalists for 2021’s Best Community Member and Maker of the Year.

Unlike the other awards, finalists and winners for these categories are selected using data like comments, upvotes, and product launches from the past year. Winners will be announced very soon…

About that big day:

The Golden Kitty Awards 2021 virtual ceremony is THIS Thursday, January 27th at 9:00am PST. RSVP now or forever hold your FOMO. We’ll enjoy literal magic, live music, a panel with Ryan Hoover, and a couple more surprises. Our hosts Greg Isenberg and Sahil Bloom (who you know from the "Where It Happens" podcast among many other things) will guide us through it all, handing out Golden Kitty statues to the best products of the year along the way. We’ll all end up in the Doge Temple for a legendary afterparty.

From London to Austin, people in the community will be gathering to watch and celebrate one heck of a year in tech. There’s still time to host a meetup in your area, virtually or safely in-person.

Our friends at Flatfile are the champs helping us make it all possible. They’re the makers behind the unified platform that SaaS companies use to import customer data in less than 60 seconds.

Now, let's go!


Wikipedia is so web2. Meet Wagmipedia, a curated library of resources for the folks that want to make the shift to web3.

The learning process is broken down into two phases: a beginner phase, aimed to teach the basic concepts of web3 (including “wagmi”), and a discovery phase for designers, developers, and business-minded people to dive deeper into these resources.

What it feels like when you've found product-market fit — by Lenny Rachitsky
Stories from the founders of Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, Substack, Stripe, Datadog, GitHub, Segment, Dropbox, Superhuman, Instacart, Nextdoor, and many more
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