Product Hunt Daily Digest
January 20th, 2022

4 new highly-upvoted productivity apps

We’re only 21 days into the new year so if you’re starting to feel anxious about work, it might be time for a productivity check!

You’re not the only one who's confused about how little you’ve accomplished while at your computer all day. These four popular productivity products launched this month are from makers solving their own problems, and maybe yours too:

Shottr is a screenshot tool for people who care about pixels, with features like quick measurements and text recognition.

“I created it as a workhorse for pixel-professionals: designers, UI developers, and the like. Its strong suit is precision and speed, its killer feature is zoom, its target audience – people who prefer hotkeys over buttons and efficiency over fluffiness of the UI.” Max K

Omni is a Chrome extension that offers a command interface, i.e. manage tabs, bookmarks, browser history, and more with a key press.

“I've been thinking about all the time I lose doing menial tasks: finding the right tab in Chrome (I have far too many :P), starting meetings, creating tasks, clearing cookies and cache… So I decided to build Omni as a tool to do it all… ” Alyssa X

Amy collects and analyzes information from all over the web about the people you meet with and puts it in your calendar.

“I spent an awful lot of time researching people before meeting them, making sure I knew everything I needed to… Then it hit me. Instead of spending hours preparing for each meeting, people should focus on actually making each meeting count.” Nim Ron

Iteration X lets you and your team annotate and edit live websites or web apps directly in Chrome.

"While working on many web projects over the years, we were constantly troubled by the inefficiencies in the current product design and development workflows… Our goal with Iteration X is to bring collaboration directly on the product, where it naturally belongs.” Mehdi Djabri

To better screenshots
  • Today, Julie Chabin, Head of Product Design at Product Hunt is hosting an AMA. Ask your questions here!
  • Pestle Kitchen Companion helps you save the important bits from recipes you find online.
  • History nerds, this one’s for you. WikiTrivia is a game that requires you to sort historical events from Wikipedia, in chronological order.
  • First impressions last. Prospero 2.0 wants to make creating business proposals easier, and the signing process better and faster for clients.
“90% of the game is not giving up”
A maker grant recipient talks about his experience doing what works.

Peak Culture has launched a Chrome extension that helps visualize and track your habits and goals. You can create event countdowns, log your personal records, track your daily intake of water and play your Spotify playlists, within the same page.

The dashboard makes seeing your goals and progress easier by integrating them into a product you use every day – your browser.