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About that home screen
9 simple home screen widgets

The humble widget has viral potential. See: Locket, a widget that has unexpectedly risen to the top of the Social Networking category of the App Store. The widget shows live pictures from your friends, right on your home screen. Maker Matt Moss shared:

“I had graduated from UCSB that June, but [my girlfriend] was going back to school in the fall... We started using the app every day to stay in touch… Once our friends started asking to try it, we decided to release it on the store. Since then, a few viral TikToks have catapulted the app to wayyyyy more users than we ever expected :)”

“Simple but beautifully executed” is the popular opinion on the widget thus far.

Here are seven more mobile widget products from the last year you should check out to simplify your mobile experience.

Pretty Progress - Personalize your own countdown & progress widgets
Learn Geography - Put a country quiz on your home screen
Home Widget - Control all your HomeKit devices right from your home screen
Deliveroo Widget - Reorder from your favorite UK restaurants and grocery stores
Usage - Monitor your device with stats like storage and battery life
Meep meep - Track activity of any Instagram account
Wyd? - A widget “for smartphone addicts” to encourage you to do one thing

Nooble is an audio community that allows you to pick and choose topics you’re interested in and consume short audio snippets related to them.

Feeling brave? Create your own short. Answer a question. Share something that’s on your mind or ask something you’d like to hear interesting perspectives on.

How to host a meetup event
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🧘‍♀️ Breathe. Exhale. Repeat. Othership is a guided breathwork app on a mission to cultivate focus, fight fatigue and regulate your emotions.

🧑‍🏫 Find the Steve to your Mark. Mentorium helps you find a mentor to grow professionally and personally.

✍🏼 If you’re feeling uninspired, Copywriting Examples put together a comprehensive list of punchy marketing copy, highlighting what makes each work so well.

💰 Tax season is coming. Square launched Cash App Taxes (formerly Credit Karma) as a free and transparent way of filing your federal and state taxes.

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