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December 19th, 2021

7 more ways to wrap up your year

Spotify Wrapped is four years old now (though Spotify first started throwing out your yearly stats in 2015 under a different name). In stuff-that-goes-viral years, that’s pretty old. But the internet hasn’t tired of it yet.

Plenty of journalists have done rounds of interviews to dig into why it is we love our Spotify stats so much (despite the fact that Wrapped is a reminder that Spotify is tracking us). One emerging theme is that our data gives us a peek at our persona or brand.

This year, maker Ios noticed that Apple music users were left out of the fun (and self-discovery). Ios had previously launched TuneStalgia, a music nostalgia app that imports your Apple Music data and tells you daily the songs you forgot you loved. Wanting to delight disappointed Apple users, he built a “wrapped” into the app in just 8 days and now we Apple Music users can grab some of our stats, too.

“When people go to listen to music they’re looking for a change in their day, mindset, ability, perspective, heart. They want to hear music that makes them feel something, or maybe — a feeling they’ve once felt before. This was just another chance to do that,” wrote Ios.

That all being true, music is obviously only one small slice of us and our days. So here is are six more ways to wrap yourself up this year.

GitHub Wrapped

YouTube Wrapped

Superpowered Wrapped Wrapped (Your Twitter likes)

Hinge Wrapped

2021 Looped or 2021 Your Year in Meetings (Your calendar stats)

Wrapped for Apple

We’ve all had a rough couple of years and it feels like it’s time for the internet to unite again over something we all love — games!

Lalo Martinez is a product designer at Quora where he works to bridge the gap between machine learning and design. On Friday, he dropped 63, a real-time puzzle-solving race against everyone in the world.

“The first competitor to find a series of passwords wins the event and a place forever in our Hall of Fame. Only 63 events will be played ever, 63 changes to beat the world.”

Play against the internet
The CEO of No
How entrepreneur Andrew Wilkinson turns emails into opportunities

Incoggo sparked a great conversation this weekend about paywalls and free information on the internet. The free adblocker unlocks 18 well-known publications from the Wall Street Journal to Billboard, but some in the community are concerned about taking compensation away from journalists.

Here’s why we think it’s worth noting. Incoggo’s maker shared: “We understand your concerns, and we're actually exploring / internally discussing a Spotify-style model/micropayments-style model, but it's still early days! :)”

Join the conversation (with kindness, please).

Paywall or no paywall?